Testimonials from Yoga for A Better Back workshop participants with Christa Rypins


"Christa is excellent, encouraging and inspiring. I have tools for better health, beginning with back care. This will change my life as I approach my mid-50's."


"Christa was kind, inventive, expert, and entertaining. She kept us centered and involved with her devotion to us and the program."


"Christa is open, caring and flexible. After this workshop I am committed to improving the way I care for myself and my back."


"I've learned new movements and skills for protecting, strengthening and stretching. Christa is delightful."


"Christa is excellent. I enjoyed the flow of experiences. I now have more respect for my body and my own mental process."


"I have a relaxed back and peace of mind."


"I now have usable tools to mitigate the incessant and agonizing pain in my low back. Finally, after numerous conventional and unconventional therapies, I now see a light at the end of the tunnel."


"Christa's sense of humor and her obvious command of the workshop material made for an entertaining and informative day."


"Thanks to Christa, I have tools to use when I start feeling stressed out."

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