Classes We Offer  

All classes include alignment focused movement and core strengthening linked to the breath. This combination invigorates the muscular/skeletal structure, calms the nervous system and awakens a special combination of relaxation and strength.


Class Prices:

Welcome to Intelligent Body Special $30 (good for 3 classes in first month)

Drop In Classes $15

5 class pass card $60 ($12 per class) Expires in 3 months

10 class pass card $110 (11 per class) Expires in 6 months

One Month Unlimited Classes for $108!


Slow Flow Yoga
Colleen Gavan and Winter Jendayi

All levels

A great place to start. Yoga flow with a slower pace

Flow Yoga
Colleen Gavan and Kirsten Locke

All levels

Energetic and Empowering

Hatha Yoga
Dana Oneto

All Levels

Strengthening and centering poses with a focus on mindfulness and alignment

Restorative Yoga
Christa Rypins, Winter Jendayi

All Levels

Rebalance through supported relaxation

Forrest Yoga
Alex Mannos

All Levels

Carry a transformative experience off the mat and into daily life

Foundations of Forrest Yoga
Alex Mannos

All Levels

Explore the basics of mindful movement with breath & integrity Refine your foundation

Sacred Flow Yoga and Meditation
Winter Jendayi

All Levels

Inspiration from the natural world

(NEW)New Moon Meditation
Simon Granville

All Levels

Three meditations to manifest Health, Prosperity and Peace

Community Classes

With the intention of providing classes at a price accessible to all students, community classes are offered intermittently at the studio. Please consult the schedule.

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